1SBP-05 NGS data analyses based on ultra-fast all pairs similarity search(1SBP Advanced Single Molecule Sequencing System,Symposium,The 51th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan)
1SBP-05 類似配列の高速な全ペア列挙に基づくNGSデータの解析手法(1SBP 進化する1分子シークエンサー,シンポジウム,日本生物物理学会第51回年会(2013年度))

Kana Shimizu
2013 Seibutsu Butsuri  
Cyanobacteriochromes (CBCRs) are cyanobacterial tetrapyrrole-binding photoreceptors that are distantly related to red/far-red light sensing phytochromes and cover the visible and near-ultraviolet regions of spectrum. CBCRs include many photoconversion types such as violet/ green, blue/green, green/red and red/green reversible photoconversions. Many biochemical and spectral studies have identified that the diverse spectral properties are due to different chromophore species and different
more » ... version mechanism. Recently, structures of chromophore-binding domains of red/green-type AnPixJ and blue/green-type TePixJ were determined. In this presentation, I introduce the color tuning mechanism of the diverse CBCRs based on this structural information.
doi:10.2142/biophys.53.s87_6 fatcat:jyz5j3ucmzba3mgodr66annuti