Components of the energy of breathing in a nonlinear model of the human lung

A. Athanasiades, C.H. Liu, F. Ghorbel, J.W. Clark, S.C. Niranjan, J.B. Zwischenberger, A. Bidani
Proceedings of 18th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society  
Analytical expressions are developed for the energy associated with the mechanics of breathing. The analysis is based on a nonlinear model of the human lung. The model stores elastic energy in two compliant compartments connected in parallel (lung and collapsible airways region) and dissipates energy at four resistive elements (resistance to flow in airways and tissue resistance). Energy functions are computed numerically for quiet breathing and panting. The functions provide valuable insight
more » ... valuable insight into the mechanics of respiration, and, in particular, the significance of individual model components. K e y w o r d s -Airway Mechanics, Respiratory System Modeling, W o r k of Breathing.
doi:10.1109/iembs.1996.647611 fatcat:3nr3wjre3zfctbzz5ygtqe7lgm