Detection of Multicamera Pedestrian Trajectory Outliers in Geographic Scene

Wei Wang, Yujia Xie, Xiaozhi Wang, Mohammad Farukh Hashmi
2022 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
The abnormal detection of moving objects in intelligent video surveillance system plays an important role in early warning for man-made disasters. However, the current abnormal detection methods cannot effectively perceive the cross-camera abnormal movements of video objects. The main reason is that the existing methods ignore the spatial relationship between the fields of view of different cameras and blind areas among the fields of view. This condition prevents them to effectively infer and
more » ... alyze the cross-camera movements of video objects combined with geospatial information. This paper proposes the detection of multicamera pedestrian trajectory outliers in geographic scene to address this problem. This approach first spatializes the video object trajectory and then realizes trajectory vectorization by extracting trajectory points with equal time difference. The position trajectory outliers are detected by constructing isolation forest and scoring trajectory vectors, and the velocity trajectory outliers are identified through vectors' neighborhood comparison. Related experiments show that our method can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of detecting trajectory outliers, which can enhance the early warning capability of video surveillance systems for man-made disasters.
doi:10.1155/2022/6516577 fatcat:uegm3q7q3bcjvkqdxzbxzidmhi