Democracy reigns supreme in Sikkim? A long march and a short visit strains democracy for Lepcha marchers in Sikkim KERRY LITTLE

Arundhati Roy
when writing about the Narmada dam said: 'It's possible that as a nation [India] we've exhausted our quota of heroes for this century, but while we wait for shiny new ones to come along, we have to limit the damage. We have to support our small heroes. (Of these we have many. Many.)' (53). This is a story about small heroes and another dam on another Indian river-the Teesta river in northeast India. It is a contemporary story about traditional people-the indigenous Lepcha people of Sikkim and
more » ... st Bengal-who are fighting to stop their sacred homeland being destroyed by mega-dams, built for hydroelectricity. The Lepchas are fighting Big Government and Big Development and in fighting to save the river have also had to fight for their democratic right to pilgrimage and protest.