Identifying and Characterizing People with Dementia not Accessing the Japanese Community-Based Integrated Care System using Health Insurance Claims Data

Akane Mizutani, Akihiro Shindo, Ken-Ichi Tabei, Kimiko Yoshimaru, Masayuki Satoh, Hidekazu Tomimoto
Objectives In the Japanese Community-Based Integrated Care System (CBICS), access to formal care services is based on voluntary consultations mainly from the families of people with dementia (PWD). The problem is that some people need services but do not consult their municipalities for various reasons. The purpose of this study is to examine the possibility of using health insurance claims data to identify and characterize these PWD. Methods Using health insurance claims data, we selected PWD
more » ... rescribed with anti-dementia drugs. Of them, excluding those with a usage history of long-term care insurance services or other formal services, facility residents and deaths, we identified PWD not accessing the CBICS. We conducted a visit survey on their status, home care environment and reasons for not accessing services, a proposal for using services and a one-year follow-up. Result Based on the data of 1,809 late-stage elderly who resided in the Tamaki-cho, a town in Mie Prefecture, Japan, for a 2-month period, 16 PWD not accessing the CBICS were identified, and 15 PWD and their families participated in this study. Ten were men and 13 were physically and cognitively relatively independent. All lived with a family caregiver and refused services. Ten families needed but had not accessed the services due to refusal by PWD and other reasons. As a result, seven of these PWD started using long-term care insurance services or dementia prevention services. Conclusions PWD not accessing the CBICS can be identified using health insurance claims data. The results proved that the municipality has a cost-effective way of providing their services to PWD and their families, even if they have never consulted voluntarily.
doi:10.2169/internalmedicine.9489-22 pmid:35732448 pmcid:PMC9970799 fatcat:rgzxjr5jlzd6req6u3iwcm5y4m