The Spatiotemporal Evolution Pattern and Influential Factor of Regional Carbon Emission Convergence in China

Xin Tong
2020 Advances in Meteorology  
As economic development rapidly progresses in China, a method of carbon emission control that provides reasonable solutions is needed. This paper analyzes the convergence of carbon emission evolutionary characteristics in different regions of China and studies the dynamics of carbon emissions in China based on a convergence model. It was found that the carbon emission levels of each region are prominent in terms of time, and the regional carbon emission level has absolute β characteristics. The
more » ... haracteristics. The regional carbon emission condition β convergences have different convergence paths. Therefore, it is necessary to justify carbon emission reduction in China and put forward an emission reduction strategy.
doi:10.1155/2020/4361570 fatcat:43iismnd5rg65mamqxysscbwyi