Identification of the e allele at the Extension locus (MC1R) in Brazilian Creole sheep and its role in wool color variation

D. Hepp, G.L. Gonçalves, G.R.P. Moreira, T.R.O. Freitas, C.T.D.C. Martins, T.A. Weimer, D.T. Passos
2012 Genetics and Molecular Research  
The melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene has been described as responsible for the black color in some breeds of sheep, but little is known about its function in many colored breeds, particularly those with a wide range of pigmentation phenotypes. The Brazilian Creole is a local breed of sheep from southern Brazil that has a wide variety of wool colors. We examined the MC1R gene (Extension locus) to search for the e allele and determine its role in controlling wool color variation in this breed.
more » ... tion in this breed. One hundred and twenty-five animals, covering the most common Creole sheep phenotypes (black, brown, dark gray, light gray, and white), were sequenced to detect the mutations p.M73K and p.D121N. Besides these two mutations, three other synonymous sites (429, 600, and 725) were found. The dominant allele (E
doi:10.4238/2012.may.22.5 pmid:22653672 fatcat:2esabvled5aabo6gtec23qqksu