Combined Keys Control Methods to Extrapolate the Duration of Wireless Sensor Networks

K Vimal, Kumar Stephen
2017 Mathivanan V International Journal of Innovations & Advancement in Computer Science   unpublished
Wireless senor networks are widely applied in many fields such as disaster management, habitat monitoring and Traffic Control. Combined WSN have been proven to outperform their non-combined counterparts in many aspects. Security is very crucial because these networks usually operate in the hazardous environments and the sensor nodes in these networks are resource-limited. Key management is one of the fundamental protocols to build a secure WSN. In this paper, we propose a lightweight key
more » ... ent scheme for combined WSN. A WSN typically has no infrastructure. It is composed of number of sensor nodes working together to monitor an environment to obtain data about it. Structured and unstructured are the two types of WSNs. An unstructured WSN contains a dense collection of sensor nodes. These sensors are small, computing resources, with limited processing and they are inexpensive. It can sense, measure, and gather information from the environment based on some local decision process; they can transmit the sensed data to the user. Security and lifetime of a sensor node in a network plays an important role.