Classical mappings of the symplectic model and their application to the theory of large-amplitude collective motion

Abraham Klein, Niels R. Walet
1994 Physical Review C  
We study the algebra Sp(n,R) of the symplectic model, in particular for the cases n=1,2,3, in a new way. Starting from the Poisson-bracket realization we derive a set of partial differential equations for the generators as functions of classical canonical variables. We obtain a solution to these equations that represents the classical limit of a boson mapping of the algebra. The relationship to the collective dynamics is formulated as a theorem that associates the mapping with an exact solution
more » ... of the time-dependent Hartree approximation. This solution determines a decoupled classical symplectic manifold, thus satisfying the criteria that define an exactly solvable model in the theory of large amplitude collective motion. The models thus obtained also provide a test of methods for constructing an approximately decoupled manifold in fully realistic cases. We show that an algorithm developed in one of our earlier works reproduces the main results of the theorem.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.49.840 pmid:9969290 fatcat:crhwrhwtojdyva3awoarsrgtai