Effects of multiple environmental factors on CO2 emission and CH4 uptake from old-growth forest soils

H. J. Fang, G. R. Yu, S. L. Cheng, T. H. Zhu, Y. S. Wang, J. H. Yan, M. Wang, M. Cao, M. Zhou
2010 Biogeosciences  
To assess contribution of multiple environmental factors to carbon exchanges between the atmosphere and forest soils, four old-growth forests referred to as boreal coniferous forest, temperate needle-broadleaved mixed forest, subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest and tropical monsoon rain forest were selected along eastern China. In each old-growth forest, soil CO 2 and CH 4 fluxes were measured from 2003 to 2005 applying the static opaque chamber and gas chromatography technique. Soil
more » ... chnique. Soil temperature and moisture at the 10 cm depth were simultaneously measured with the greenhouse gas measurements. Inorganic N (NH + 4 -N and NO − 3 -N) in the 0-10 cm was determined monthly. From north to south, annual mean CO 2 emission ranged from 18.09 ± 0.22 to 35.40 ± 2.24 Mg CO 2 ha −1 yr −1 and annual mean CH 4 uptake ranged from 0.04 ± 0.11 to 5.15 ± 0.96 kg CH 4 ha −1 yr −1 in the four old-growth forests. Soil CO 2 flux in the old-growth forests was mainly driven by soil temperature, followed by soil moisture and NO − 3 -N. Temperature sensitivity (Q 10
doi:10.5194/bg-7-395-2010 fatcat:uswkolqwbzckzndob5aaig7nzm