Research on Algorithm for Partial Discharge of High Voltage Switchgear Based on Speech Spectrum Features

Yueqin Feng, Quan Chen, Chunguang Li, Wenchao Hao
2017 Advances in Modelling and Analysis B  
The partial discharges that occur in failures of high voltage switchgear can produce acoustic signals, which can be used to examine equipment failures using acoustic signal analysis. The early methods based on ultrasonic detection have several shortcomings. For example, the equipment is expensive and the effective detection range is small. In light of this, an algorithm for examining partial discharge of switchgear based on speech spectrum features is proposed in this paper. The algorithm first
more » ... calculates the phonogram of the acoustic signals of discharge, then projects the speech spectrum map to a high dimensional space, and presents the center distance of each block monochromatic map as features. Based on these, a mixed self-encoding deep learning network is constructed. The recognition of ability of the model is improved by integrating noise reduction selfencoding and sparse self-encoding network. In the test of the partial discharge of switchgear, the speech spectrum features proposed in this paper can help to improve the fault detection efficiency. Compared with the speech-feature-based algorithm, the detection rate of discharge examination based on speech spectrum features increase by 4.3%. Combined with the deep learning network algorithm, the algorithm recognition rate can reach 99.7%.
doi:10.18280/ama_b.600210 fatcat:yfzf7aozzfg4pej4q3ap6rw24a