Characterization of IN-IC integrable in-plane nanometer scale resonators fabricated by a silicon on nothing advanced CMOS technology

C. Durand, F. Casset, B. Legrand, M. Faucher, P. Renaux, D. Mercier, D. Renaud, D. Dutartre, E. Ollier, P. Ancey, L. Buchaillot
2008 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on  
The paper reports on in-plane nanometer scale resonators fabricated on 8 inch industrial tools, with a process based on the advanced CMOS Front End Silicon On Nothing Technology. The aim is to propose totally integrated time reference functions realized by small size NEMS resonators. The measurement set-up, simulation and experimental results in the range of 100MHz are presented. Environmental issues such as temperature and pressure influence on the resonator behavior are also investigated.
more » ... lts are discussed and compared with analytic calculation, finite element and electrical simulations with good agreement. Work in progress focuses on improving the f.Q product, detection by the use of integrated MOSFET transistors, low voltage operation and in-IC integration.
doi:10.1109/memsys.2008.4443831 fatcat:sjaivkthpvhmbiphhzcmkcbpxa