KHASANOVA Dilyafruz Abdukhamidovna
2022 Zenodo  
Purpose of the study. To study reproductive and perinatal risks in women with AIT, to develop effective methods for preventing complications. Materials and research methods. In the clinic of SamSMU No. 1, after examining the thyroid gland by IFA and ultrasound scanning, 110 pregnant women were divided into two groups depending on the indicators of thyroid activity and studied for 2021-2022. The history of the disease, laboratory data, the course and outcome of pregnancy and the early postpartum
more » ... period were studied. Results: An analysis of reproductive losses in women with AIT showed that the largest number of adverse pregnancy outcomes (126 cases, 80.1%) occurred in the first trimester (before the 15th week of gestation). Pregnancy outcomes in women of the main group who received hormone replacement therapy with L-thyroxine were as follows: urgent delivery occurred in 62 (95.4%) cases, premature birth in three (4.5%) cases, in one (1.5%) the birth was delayed. The frequency of preterm birth in this group decreased to 4.5%, which is 2.5 times less compared to the same indicator for the outcomes of previous pregnancies Conclusions. The indications for the initial examination of the thyroid status in a pregnant woman in the second and third trimesters include (in addition to the risk factors described above) signs of threatened interruption, pathological weight gain, edema of varying severity, preeclampsia, vegetative-vascular dystonia of the hypertensive type, anemia, and also the syndrome fetal growth retardation.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7392741 fatcat:pr3pjnzw6fhptcwsqtblntgmde