Temperature monitoring options available at the Idaho national laboratory advanced test reactor

J. E. Daw, J. L. Rempe, D. L. Knudson, T. C. Unruh, B. M. Chase, K. L. Davis, A. J. Palmer
As part of the Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility (ATR-NSUF) program, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has developed in-house capabilities to fabricate, test, and qualify new and enhanced temperature sensors for irradiation testing. Clearly, temperature sensor selection for irradiation tests will be determined based on the irradiation environment and budget. However, temperature sensors now offered by INL include a wide array of melt wires in small capsules, silicon
more » ... sules, silicon carbide monitors, commercially available thermocouples, and specialized high temperature irradiation resistant thermocouples containing doped molybdenum and niobium alloy thermoelements. In addition, efforts have been initiated to develop and evaluate ultrasonic thermometers for irradiation testing. This array of temperature monitoring options now available to ATR and other Material and Test Reactor (MTR) users fulfills recent customer requests.
doi:10.1063/1.4819675 fatcat:o6rxxzsbs5ezfhhnaxretqhu7i