Kinetic analysis of thermal decomposition of finely dispersed limestone wastes for the development of a numerical simulation model

2018 Voprosy himii i himičeskoj tehnologii  
On the basis of the analysis of known literature data on CaCO 3 thermal decomposition, it is concluded that the development of a compact engineering CFD model (computational fluid dynamics) for limestone calcination is a topical issue. This model can be based on thermogravimetric data and standard mathematical approximation algorithms. Experiments on thermal decomposition of finely dispersed limestone waste particles of different fractions less than 315 m were carried out using a Q-1500 D
more » ... ing a Q-1500 D derivatograph (system F. Paulik, J. Paulik and L. Erdey) under non-isothermal conditions. Based on differential equations of topochemical solid-state kinetics and the asymmetry of differential thermogravimetry (DTG) curves, the values of activation energy, pre-exponential factor in Arrhenius equation were calculated and the reaction mechanism of the thermal decomposition of particles was determined from the results of non-isothermal experiments performed at the heating rate of 10 0 C/min in a temperature range of 600 to 900 0 C. A new engineering approach was developed to the CFD simulation of the thermal decomposition of limestone wastes by means of a two-step mechanism of solid-state kinetics using commercial CFD code ANSYS Fluent. The findings could be used in chemical engineering to produce new highly efficient equipment.
doi:10.32434/0321-4095-2018-121-6-12-22 fatcat:7tlyjk6etrf7lkrze3w6euqm64