Key determinants and barriers in digital innovation among small architectural organizations

Runddy Ramilo
2014 Journal of Information Technology in Construction  
The rapid development of digital technology has made architecture a succession of different evolutionary design methodologies. As a result, the rise of computationally driven processes has gain popularity in research and shows a great potential to dramatically improve the design process and productivity that evoke innovations in architectural practices wherein computer-based project plays a vital role. However, as these technologies rapidly develop and are increasingly used in practice, there
more » ... a realization that substantial organizational and technological barriers exist that inhibit the effective adoption of these technologies in architectural practices wherein complex projects are being handled. Undeniably it happens in small architectural practices whereby resources are very limited. Relevant literature of the subject shows that research in innovations in manufacturing, product design, technology, construction and engineering practices is substantially conducted but research in digital innovation in design practices is very limited. This paper investigates the factors that impede the effective adoption of emerging digital technologies for the efficient delivery of design projects that are computationally and digitally driven. This involves evaluating digital technologies, technical, financial and organizational barriers when digital innovation is implemented. In order to gain insights of these issues, a pilot study was conducted from several small architectural organizations, and found out relevant attributes and pattern of variables that can be used in establishing a framework for digital innovation.
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