Talipes Equinus, from Injury of the Calf of the Leg

John B. Brown
1859 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
down to the opening ; failing in this, the forefinger was carried down upon the tongue, the tongue depressed, the epiglottis pressed back, and a probe passed through the glottis with the design of starting the body down from the larynx; this, after repetition, proving ineffectual, a pair of forceps, slightly curved and of good length, were passed up the trachea through the opening, in hope of seizing the foreign body. Not succeeding, they were thrust up into the larynx with as much force as
more » ... d be ventured, when, upon withdrawing them, the child gave a half convulsive cough, and out flew the foreign body from the mouth, striking with con-
doi:10.1056/nejm185912290612204 fatcat:ied26xtkpndb5nivx6b6n32fkq