A Pilot Study on Machining Difficult-to-Cut Materials with the Use of Tools Fabricated by SLS Technology

Mariusz Deja, Dawid Zieliński
2021 Materials  
The growing use of contemporary materials in various industrial sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, as well as the oil and gas industry, requires appropriate machining methods and tools. Currently, apart from the necessity to obtain high-dimensional and shape accuracy, the efficiency and economic aspects of the selected manufacturing process are equally important, especially when difficult-to-cut materials, such as hard and brittle ceramics, have to be machined. In the research presented in
more » ... this paper, a prototype tool fabricated from polyamide powder by the SLS method was used in flat-lapping of Al2O3 ceramics, showing the promising potential and efficacy of rapid tooling and manufacturing in the area of abrasive machining. The influence of the selected input process factors, such as machining time, the type of abrasive suspension, kinematic parameters, and unit pressure, on technological effects, was analyzed. The microscopic observations of the active surface of the prototype tool showed its reinforcement with loose diamond abrasive particles (size D107), resulting in the effective material removal and improved surface finish of Al2O3 ceramic samples. The directions for further development of tools fabricated by the SLS method for applications in abrasive machining were also envisaged by the authors.
doi:10.3390/ma14185306 pmid:34576530 fatcat:jdeee5o75bhp3hrjeerqu7gwum