Preservative Effect of Novel Combined Treatment with Electrolyzed Active Water and Lysozyme Enzyme to Increase the Storage Life of Vacuum-Packaged Carp

Péter Palotás, Péter Palotás, Gábor Jónás, József Lehel, László Friedrich
2020 Journal of Food Quality  
In the present study, common carp (Cyprinus carpio), a highly valuable worldwide commercial fish species, was used as a model. One sample group of fresh, skin-on carp fillets was placed in a bath of acidic electrolyzed oxidizing (AEO) water containing a solution of 100 mg/kg chloride ion concentration for 5 minutes. Another sample group was treated with acidic electrolyzed water and 0.5% lysozyme enzyme solution. Another set of samples were washed after the AEO water treatment. Within the
more » ... a storage test was performed to examine the effect of the new combined treatment on the samples' shelf-life and quality while kept at 2°C. During the storage period, chemical (chlorate) and microbiological (TVC, mesophilic anaerobic plate count, and Enterobacteriaceae count) tests and sensory evaluation were conducted. The combination of AEO water and lysozyme enzyme showed additional bactericidal efficacy on the surface of the carp fillets, which has never been reported before. Both the AEO water and the combined treatment effectively increased the shelf life of the samples, causing 2.4–3.1 log CFU/g difference compared to the control by the end of the 7-day storage. The measured residual chlorate content exceeded the legal threshold, but washing the samples resulted in values below the theoretical threshold limit. The applied preservation methods did not have an adverse effect on the organoleptic properties of the samples.
doi:10.1155/2020/4861471 fatcat:digfyck4izb4vfpesqvfrfkdlm