Physico-chemical study of steroids from different matureness corn silk material

Peng Li, Lubomír Lapčík, Barbora Lapčíková, Sergii Kalytchuk
2019 Potravinarstvo  
This study shows an ultrasonic assisted extraction procedure of steroids from corn silk (CS). The total steroids contents were positively correlated with the ultrasonic assisted extraction time. The extracted steroids contents varied according to the different maturity stages of CS. There were three tested CS maturity stages: silking stage (CS-S), milky stage (CS-M) and mature stage (CS-MS). The β - sitosterol standardization method with 530 nm wavelength colorimetric measurements were applied
more » ... o determine the content of extracted steroids. Measured steroids concentrations range were from 38.3 × 10-3 mg.mL-1 to 368.9 × 10-3 mg.mL-1 in different extraction time and CS maturity stages. The highest concentration of steroids, 368.9 × 10-3 mg.mL-1 was found in CS-MS sample with the 75 minutes ultrasonic extraction time. The fluorescence mapping techniques were used to confirm the existence of steroids. The thermal analysis illustrated a typical multistep decomposition process for the CS-S, CS-M and CS-MS samples. Two endothermic peaks were found: The first one was 54.3 °C for CS-S and CS-MS, 60.2 °C for CS-M, the second one, 397 °C (CS-MS), 415.1 °C (CS-M) and 419.7 °C (CS-S) attributed to the total thermal decomposition. The observed exotheric process found at 524 °C corresponded to CS-MS sample decomposition. The optimal ultrasonic-assisted extraction time for all samples under study CS-S, CS-M and CS-MS was about 75 minutes and the optimal steroids extraction contents obtained were 92.8 × 10-3 mg.mL-1 (CS-S), 124.2 × 10-3 mg.mL-1 (CS-M) and 368.9 × 10-3 mg.mL-1 (CS-MS) respectively.
doi:10.5219/1144 fatcat:xqmca3mddrfgflrv2hv734lryy