Amplitude scaling of a static wrinkle at an oil-air interface created by dielectrophoresis forces

C. V. Brown, W. Al-Shabib, G. G. Wells, G. McHale, M. I. Newton
2010 Applied Physics Letters  
Dielectrophoresis forces have been used to create a static periodic wrinkle with a sinusoidal morphology on the surface of a thin layer of 1-decanol oil. The surface deformation occurs when a voltage V is applied between adjacent coplanar strip electrodes in an interdigitated array onto which the oil film is coated. It has been shown experimentally that the peak-to-peak amplitude A of the wrinkle scales according to the functional form A <* V 2 exp(-ah/p) for a range of oil film thicknesses h
more » ... ilm thicknesses h (between 15 and 50 /xm) and wrinkle pitches p (160, 240, and 320 /xm).
doi:10.1063/1.3525708 fatcat:s4auc245hzglhknexeizxeot5q