Thermodynamics of decaying vacuum cosmologies

J. A. S. Lima
1996 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
The thermodynamic behavior of vacuum decaying cosmologies is investigated within a manifestly covariant formulation. Such a process corresponds to a continuous irreversible energy flow from the vacuum component to the created matter constituents. It is shown that if the specific entropy per particle remains constant during the process, the equilibrium relations are preserved. In particular, if the vacuum decays into photons, the energy density $\rho$ and average number density of photons $n$
more » ... y of photons $n$ scale with the temperature as $\rho \sim T^{4}$ and $n \sim T^{3}$. The temperature law is determined and a generalized Planckian type form of the spectrum, which is preserved in the course of the evolution, is also proposed. Some consequences of these results for decaying vacuum FRW type cosmologies as well as for models with "adiabatic" photon creation are discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.54.2571 pmid:10020937 fatcat:2bpy4rlz2jhdtpit6c52riqqqm