Parallel Large Scale Simulations in the PL-Grid Environment

Krzysztof Kurowski, Tomasz Piontek, Piotr Kopta, Mariusz Mamoński, Bartosz Bosak
2010 Computational Methods in Science and Technology  
The growing demand for computational power causes that Grids are becoming mission-critical components in research and industry, offering sophisticated solutions in leveraging large-scale computing and storage resources. The nature a Grid in which resources are usually shared among multiple organizations offering resources under their control based on the "best effort" approach with no guarantee concerning the quality-of-service may be inadequate to support large-scale simulations. Requirements
more » ... f such simulations often exceed capabilities of a single computing center causing the need to simultaneously allocate and synchronize resources belonging to many administrative domains whose functionality is missing in leading grid middlewares preventing researchers from executing large-scale simulations in grids. The paper presents tools and services that were designed to build multilayered infrastructure capable of dealing with computationally intensive large-scale simulations in the grid environment. The developed and deployed middleware enables computing clusters in different administrative domains to be virtually welded into a single powerful compute resource that can be treated as a quasi-opportunistic supercomputer. We describe the middleware developed in the QosCosGrid project and being enhanced under the PL-Grid national grid initiative, which provides advance reservation and resource co-allocation functionality as well as support for parallel large-scale applications based on OpenMPI (for C/C++ and Fortran) or ProActive for Java.
doi:10.12921/ fatcat:szrpk22dkbgtdlid257agmdpbu