BBCC2015 Tenth edition of "Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Campania" [post]

Angelo Facchiano
2015 unpublished
BBCC represents the meeting point of researchers with a common interest for bioinformatics, in the Italian region Campania. I organize it yearly since 2006, so it reaches now the tenth edition. The birth of this meeting was the consideration of the high number of research institutes in this region, with many teams involved in bioinformatics studies, and many others in biomedical area, as well as in mathematics and informatics, so they may be interested to approach the bioinformatics community.
more » ... rmatics community. At the end of 2006, I was involved with other colleagues in the organization of the meeting (April 2007, Naples) of the Bioinformatics Italian Society, BITS ( The Italian national community of bioinformatics has an annual meeting, since 2004 in the form of the society meeting, and also before the foundation of BITS. However, no specific event was regularly organized at regional level, as an opportunity for bioinformaticians in Campania to meet and discuss as an unique community. Therefore, I decided to organize a meeting of bioinformatics for the Campania region researchers, also for stimulating the local community in the view of the approaching annual meeting in Naples. In December 2006, the meeting registered the participation of about 100 researchers and students, an unexpected success and a strong motivation to repeat the meeting as an annual appointment. Since that first edition, the meeting has been held in the last months of the year, having every year about 100 participants. The formula of the meeting is very simple: a single-day event, with speakers on very different topics, open to the participation of colleagues from other regions and countries that introduced other ideas and suggestions for the community. This is the origin and ten years of life of the "Bioinformatica e Biologia Computazionale in Campania - BBCC" meeting series. For the tenth annual edition of BBCC meeting, 27 abstracts have been proposed for oral presentations or posters. A Program Committee has been created to evaluate the level of the proposals, and a good average evaluation has been reached.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.1593v1 fatcat:7inhmcr7wrcp3c5nfshcfb7aai