An Equivalent Parameter Recognition Model Applied in Geotechnical Engineering Numerical Analysis

Bo-Lin Xiao, Zhi-Qiang Yang, Qian Gao, De-Xin Chen, Duo-Heng Ba
For the rock mass parameter uncertainties in numerical analysis, this paper illustrates an equivalent pattern recognition model. Firstly, based on indoor rock mechanical parameter test along with the rock classification and experience, it carries out orthogonal numerical simulation on different parameter variants to get the different calculation displacements. Secondly, it fits a function relation between the calculation displacement and rock parameters using statistics analysis. Thirdly, it
more » ... mulates the equivalent pattern recognition equation in the current excavation stage according to the measured displacement, objected at the minim sum square of the difference between calculated displacement and the measured displacement. Finally, it can use the recognized equivalent parameter to simulate next stage's excavation to get a reasonable result. Using the same method of dynamic analysis, recognizing and predicting until the whole excavation is complete. At the end of the paper, there is a case on slope stability analysis to show the implementation of the model. The result shows that the equivalent pattern recognition model based on measured displacement can recognize reasonable rock mass parameters, improving the reliability of the numerical analysis of geotechnical engineering.