The Legacy of Slavery in Beloved

M Mareeswari, M Mareeswari
2017 unpublished
Morrison is an outstanding feminist figure in American Modern Literature. All her novels indicate a complete understanding of her character's individual response to the dilemmas posed by racial and sexual identity. The central theme of Morrison's novels deals with the black women characters who are raised from their poor, down trodden and most humiliating position to a new sense of awareness of freedom, liberty and equality in their society. The novel pictures the physical and psychological
more » ... cts of slavery not only upon women but also the community as a whole. Through the characterisation of Sethe, she brings out the full human meaning and implications of the slave experience. Sethe reflects the harsh reality of being a black mother. Morrison probes deeper into the psychological effects of missing mother-infant bond and unearths the psychological damage of slavery to the mother