Application of Disinfection Models on the Plasma Process
플라즈마 공정에 대한 소독 모델 적용

Sang-Eun Back, Dong-Seog Kim, Young-Seek Park
2012 Journal of Environmental Science International  
The application of disinfection models on the plasma process was investigated. Nine empirical models were used to find an optimum model. The variation of parameters in model according to the operating conditions (first voltage, second voltage, air flow rate, pH) were investigated in order to explain the disinfection model. In this experiment, the DBD (dielectric barrier discharge) plasma reactor was used to inactivate Ralstonia Solanacearum which cause wilt in tomato plantation. Optimum
more » ... tion models were chosen among the nine models by the application of statistical SSE (sum of squared error), RMSE (root mean sum of squared error), r 2 values on the experimental data using the GInaFiT software in Microsoft Excel. The optimum model was shown as Weibull+talil model followed by Log-linear+ Shoulder+Tail model. Two models were applied to the experimental data according to the variation of the operating conditions. In Weibull+talil model, Log10(No), Log10(Nres), δ and p values were examined. And in Log-linear+Shoulder+Tail model, the Log10(No), Log10(Nres), kmax, Sl values were calculated and examined.
doi:10.5322/jes.2012.21.6.695 fatcat:oexm2hn7czdk5ckrdakph3vpoa