Katarzyna Musialik, Paweł Bogdański, Monika Szulińska
2010 Arterial Hypertension   unpublished
Ocena stężenia rezystyny u otyłych pacjentów z nadciśnieniem tętniczym Evaluation of resistin in obese patients with hypertension Summary Background Resistin is an adipocytokine investigated as a possible etiologic link between excessive adiposity, insulin resistance and hypertension. The aim of the study was to evaluate of resistin concentration in obese hypertensive patients and to assess its relation to blood pressure. Material and methods 25 obese hypertensive patients and 20 obese patients
more » ... d 20 obese patients without hypertension were studied. Clinical examination and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) was done in all participants. On a base of ABPM results they were divided into two subgroups: non-dippers (14 patients) and dippers (11 patients). Concentrations of resistin were assessed with use of immunoenzymatic method (DRG Diagnostic). Results 1. Plasma resistin levels in hypertensive patients with obesity significantly exceeded those observed in the group without hypertension (p < 0.01). 2. Significantly higher resistin concentrations were found in non-dipper hypertensives as compared to dipper hypertensives (p < 0.05). 3. Positive correlation between resistin levels and systolic blood pressure was found (r = 0.45; p < 0.05). Conclusions 1. Resistin should be considered as potential factor in the complex pathogenesis of obesity related-hypertension. 2. The higher blood resistin levels in non-dipper hypertensives may indicate a possible influence of this adipocytokin on blood pressure profile. key words: arterial hypertension, obesity, resistin