Concrete Protective Layer Cracking Caused by Non-Uniform Corrosion of Reinforcements

Lu Zhang, Ditao Niu, Bo Wen, Daming Luo
2019 Materials  
The volume expansion of reinforcement corrosion products resulting from the corrosion of steel reinforcement embedded into concrete causes the concrete's protective layer to crack or spall, reducing the durability of the concrete structure. Thus, it is necessary to analyze concrete cracking caused by reinforcement corrosion. This study focused on the occurrence of non-uniform reinforcement corrosion in a natural environment. The characteristics of the rust layer were used to deduce the unequal
more » ... deduce the unequal radial displacement distribution function of concrete around both angular and non-angular bars. Additionally, the relationship between the corrosion ratio and the radial displacement of the concrete around the bar was established quantitatively. Concrete cracking due to the non-uniform corrosion of reinforcements was simulated using steel bars embedded in concrete that were of uneven displacement because of rust expansion. The distribution of the principal tensile stress around the bar was examined. A formula for calculating the critical radial displacement at the point when cracking began was obtained and used to predict the corrosion ratio of the concrete cover. The determined analytical corrosion ratio agreed well with the test result. The effect factor analysis based on the finite element method indicated that increasing the concrete strength and concrete cover thickness delays concrete cracking and that the adjacent rebar causes the stress superposition phenomenon.
doi:10.3390/ma12244245 pmid:31861221 fatcat:wnqz3lyxbzc2nbq4tm2scwogku