LaLiO2-Based Multi-Functional Interlayer for Enhanced Performance of Li-S Batteries

Girum Girma Bizuneh, Jingmin Fan, Cui Sun, Yuan Xiangfei, Fei Xue, Dingrong Deng, Jie Lei, Xiaodong Lin, Yueju Jia, Jingfang Yang, Han Yan, Xueyin Wang (+2 others)
2019 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
The "shuttle effect" of polysulfides and sluggish kinetics of sulfur redox are main problems in Lithium-Sulfur batteries. As a result, the Lithium-Sulfur battery systems are still far from commercialization for practical utilities. In this work, we design and prepare a Lanthanum lithium oxide -based multi-functional interlayer with good electronic and lithium ion conduction as well as efficient for polysulfide blocking. We obtain the multi-functional interlayer combined cathode by coating a
more » ... de by coating a composite of Lanthanum lithium oxide on as-prepared sulfur electrode. The modified sulfur cathode with such interlayer configuration gives enhanced electrochemical performance (1458.00 mA h g −1 capacity at initial cycle and 1004.40 mA h g −1 during the first cycle with 1C rate) with outstanding cycling stability up to 250 th cycle delivering the corresponding discharge capacity of 872.79 mA h g −1 in Li-S batteries. And, the rate performance has been improved by the facile strategy.
doi:10.1149/2.0271902jes fatcat:utachcqalbht7efzvh4y4gca2u