Magnetostimulated Inhomogeneity of Electric Field in Aluminum [chapter]

V. R. Sobol, O. N. Mazurenko, A. A. Drozd
1996 Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials  
The peculiarities of potential and current distribution in metals under inhomogeneous action of magnetic field is studied experimentally and analytically. Magnetic field inhomogeneity is modeled with a method of curving the electric current lines in rectangular conductors through the use of preset profiles of samples. Observed inhomogeneous distribution of electric potential is analyzed on the base of charge continuity. It is shown that current density redistribution takes place. Near one side
more » ... urrent density is high and near another it is small. This is a reason of decrease of an effective cross-section of conductor with respective enhancement of magnetoresistance. Some analytical relations and modes of applications of observed phenomena in cryogenic electronic devices are proposed.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4757-9059-7_140 fatcat:mbkueezdbfhdhjp5s66fr2dqau