Analisis Posisi Optimal Pengangkatan Balok U-Shell Dengan Menggunakan Crane

Ahmad Hamidi
<span>Riau University Education Hospital was built to support lectures and as a tool in research in the field of <span>health. Teaching Hospital was built using U-Shell precast blocks with consideration of time and cost <span>efficiency in project implementation. U-Shell beams are made at the project site and the method of lifting <span>precast beams is generally recommended from the factory. While the U-Shell beam is made at the project <span>site, it is necessary to calculate the lifting
more » ... te the lifting distance so that the beam when moved does not occur due to<br /><span>moment damage. U-Shell beam lifting calculation is done with several alternatives, namely the position of 1 /<span>3L, 1 / 4L and pedestal xL. The result of the moment calculation shows the moment value for each <span>alternative, namely in the beam with dimensions of 350 mm x 800 mm position 1 / 3L M1 of-1242 Kgm and <span>M2 of-931.5 Kgm, at position 1 / 4L M1 of-698.63 Kgm and M2 of 0, at position 1 / 5L M1 of-478.97 Kgm <span>and M2 of 480.64 Kgm. As for the beam with dimensions of 300 mm x 700 mm position 1 / 3L M1 of -460.8 <span>Kgm and M2 of -345.6 Kgm, at position 1 / 4L M1 of -256.2 Kgm and M2 of 0, at position 1 / 5L M1 of - <span>177.7 kg and M2 of 178.32 kg. From the three alternatives we get an effective lifting position, which is 1 / 5L.</span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span><br /><br class="Apple-interchange-newline" /></span>
doi:10.25105/cesd.v2i2.6461 fatcat:iuydlbm55fg7dnnqotymjh57m4