Fate of inhaled radon progeny [report]

Donald R. Alexander
1974 unpublished
A shadow shield whole body counter and linear scanning techniques were used to determine the depositon and translocation of 220 inhaled radon ( Rn) progeny in volunteer experimental subjects. The inhalation atmosphere was produced by combining nebu]izer produced NaCl aerosol in a size range from 0.033 m to 0.088 BL m with Rn progeny generated from a Th solution. Total deposition 220 228. percentages of 68% and 36% were determined for 0.033 &,Lm and 0.073 »m aerosol respectively. An average of
more » ... ly. An average of 54% of the deposited aerosol was found in the pulmonary region. Movement of deposited radioactivity from the respiratory tract is clearly shown to be a function of particle size. Aerosols in a size range . ..3 from 0.068 »m to 0.088 m were shown to have a biological half life of 1 & approximately 20 hours in the pulmonary region while the 0.033 »m aerosol had a biological half life of nearly 60 hours for the same region. A distinct difference in biological half life was shown between the pulmonary and tracheobronchial regions.
doi:10.2172/4258499 fatcat:llvgqqhcanhvhpcy552qyq73mm