A Comparative Study Of Dose Transmission Factor Of Polythene And Borated Polythene For High Neutron Source Shielding

David Igwesi, Otobong Thomas
A comparison of the dose transmission factor for Polythene and Borated Polythene against Am/Be neutron source have been investigated to ensure safe working environment for radiation workers. The Dose transmission factors for the materials were estimated using the Monte-Carlo transport code for incident neutron energies ranging from 0.025eV to 10MeV and the measurements were taken at three different neutron source-detector distances of 50cm, 70cm and 90cm by changing the position of the neutron
more » ... ource while the detector remained at fixed position. This study experimentally demonstrates that, by using suitable shielding material around Am/Be neutron source, the dose transmission factor of borated polythene is small compared to the dose transmission factor of polythene for any given thickness, and that the neutron source-detector distance of 90cm being a position where the Am/Be neutron source is very close to the centre of the water tank was found to be the best position for the neutron source to guarantee the safety of the radiation workers.