The Carp

1885 Scientific American  
end of the digestive tu be is highly vascular, and has a I vegetable matter." It appears from a long and care great number of cleft8 in it, so that water can pass! fully carried out series of experiments made by Mr. J. freely through the walls; and thus fresh and fresh cur-Susta, director of the Wittingau carp fishery, that carp rents containing oxygen in solution are perpetually. feed chiefly-indeed, he asserts exclusively-on animal bathing the lining of the throat, with its fine network r
more » ... , and that what little vegetable matter it takes of capillary blood vessels. The respiratory organs of into its stomach is taken in by accident when the fish all gill-bearing vertebrata are but a modification of this is grubbing after larval alld insects. "The greenish simple apparatus, intensely specialized certainly, but I color of the food found in the carp's stomach has given fundamentally the same. r rise to the irlea that it was vegetable matter; but. as 'fhese are the most striking harmonies; but embryo-: soon as Mr. Susta made a closer examination, he got logy is daily bringing to light new evidence of the inti-' rid of the green color arising from the gall, by washing,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12051885-8278asupp fatcat:dpya62lu75cbxdwhugcm6jd3t4