Characteristics of Natural Zeolites using Nitrogen and Methane as Adsorption Probes

Takayoshi SHINDO, Naoko SARUTA, Ryu NAKATA, Tatsuya YAMAZAKI, Shigeaki KITABAYASHI, Sentaro OZAWA
2001 Journal of the Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of Japan  
Adsorption isotherms of nitrogen and methane were measured on natural clinoptilolite and on stronger adsorption sites. IR spectra of the ƒË1, CH4, for the natural zeolites-methane system suggested that methane molecules are adsorbed on strong cationic sites which corresponds to Na+ and K+ sites for clinoptilolite zeolites and to Ca2+ and Na+ sites for montmorillonite/mordenite zeolite.
doi:10.5188/jsmerj.14.6 fatcat:l6w56vydovectj3mlfsg4ph7gm