A Survey of Models and Algorithms for Social Influence Analysis [chapter]

Jimeng Sun, Jie Tang
2011 Social Network Data Analytics  
Social influence is the behavioral change of a person because of the perceived relationship with other people, organizations and society in general. Social influence has been a widely accepted phenomenon in social networks for decades. Many applications have been built based around the implicit notation of social influence between people, such as marketing, advertisement and recommendations. With the exponential growth of online social network services such as Facebook and Twitter, social
more » ... nce can for the first time be measured over a large population. In this chapter, we survey the research on social influence analysis with a focus on the computational aspects. First, we present statistical measurements related to social influence. Second, we describe the literature on social similarity and influences. Third, we present the research on social influence maximization which has many practical applications including marketing and advertisement. Social influence refers to the behavioral change of individuals affected by others in a network. Social influence is an intuitive and well-accepted phenomenon in social networks [22] . The strength of social influence depends on many factors such as the strength of relationships between people in the networks, the network distance between users, temporal effects, characteristics of
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