Modelling intracellular delay and therapy interruptions within Ghanaian HIV population

Kofi F. Owusu, Emile F. Doungmo Goufo, Stella Mugisha
2020 Advances in Difference Equations  
This paper seeks to unveil the niche of delay differential equation in harmonizing low HIV viral haul and thereby articulating the adopted model, to delve into structured treatment interruptions. Therefore, an ordinary differential equation is schemed to consist of three components such as untainted CD4+ T-cells, tainted CD4+ T-cells (HIV) and CTL. A discrete time delay is ushered to the formulated model in order to account for vital components, such as intracellular delay and HIV latency which
more » ... were missing in previous works but have been advocated for future research. It was divested that when the reproductive number was less than unity, the disease free equilibrium of the model was asymptotically stable. Hence the adopted model with or without the delay component articulates less production of virions as per the decline rate. Therefore CD4+ T-cells in the blood remains constant at δ 1 /δ 3 , hence declining the virions level in the blood. As per the adopted model, the best STI practice is intimated for compliance.
doi:10.1186/s13662-020-02856-x fatcat:fekddseqzbbxdlhztvd4ts7moa