Significant Secret Image Sharing Scheme Based on Boolean Operation

Monu Verma, Rajneesh Rani
2017 Cybernetics and Information Technologies  
Traditionally, (k, n) secret image sharing is an approach of breaking down a secret image into n number of shadow images to assign them to n number of users, so that any k or more then k users can bring back the secret image. But in case of less than k, users cannot reveal any partial information about the original image. We have proposed a significant secret image sharing technique based on XOR with arithmetic operations that upgrade the performance of traditional secret image sharing
more » ... s by serving importance to shadow images according to user's significance. This scheme also conserves the fault tolerance property which plays a vital role in image sharing field.
doi:10.1515/cait-2017-0022 fatcat:wyux56tmfra2tcaztx75hdas4i