Contributions towards the Solution of the Chemical Constitution of Isatin

H. Kolbe
1884 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London  
193-205, published 1 38 1885 Proc. R. Soc. Lond. Email alerting service here the article or click the top right-hand corner of article -sign up in the box at when new articles cite this Receive free email alerts , go to: Proc. R. Soc. Lond. To subscribe to on July 18, 2018 Downloaded from on July 18, 2018 Downloaded from 1885.] The Chemical Constitution o f
more » ... II. " Contributions towards the Solution o f the Chemical Con stitution of Isatin." B y H. K olbe. [The following pages contain the last experimental researchesunfortunately unfinished-of Hermann Kolbe, upon isatoic acid (Isatosaui'e) and its transformations. I have endeavoured, in drawing up this paper, to infuse into it the true meaning and spirit of the deceased. This difficult task has been made all the lighter for me from my having had, at the time these investigations were being carried out, frequent conversations with him upon the subject of them, but especially by his own exact notes. Dr. Th. Bellmann and Herr Gr. Schmidt, who assisted Professor Kolbe in part of the researches herein described, have also given me valuable assistance. The title of this paper, " Contributions towards the Solution of the Chemical Constitution of Isatin," is from the author himself. He began to write the paper but a few hours before his death. The opening paragraphs (printed in italics) are the last bequest which he has made to us. The concluding ones (also in italics) are taken from remarks made by him which were plainly meant to form a part of this communication. E. v. MEYER.] Notwithstanding that so many facts have been collected with the object of definitely settling the constitution of yet arguments of weight sufficient to support a hypothesis of its rational , or indeed to raise it above the mere level of a h y p o t h ea re still want The property of isatin of forming crystalline compounds with the alka line bisulphites led to the supposition of its belonging to the class of alde hydes or ketones ; its property, when in contact with the elements of water, and therewith forming isatic acid, from which on July 18, 2018 Downloaded from * " Journ. fur Prakt. Chem." [2j, 30, 84 , and 124. f The fact, perhaps already observed by other chemists, that the isatin got with •chromic acid is darker than that got with nitric, is explained by the tenacious adhesion to the first of small quantities of chromic oxide ; by dissolving this pre paration in hot caustic soda solution and precipitating the filtrate by dilute sul phuric acid, absolutely pure isatin is obtained from it.
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