Nonreflecting far-field boundary conditions for unsteady transonic flow computation

1980 13th Fluid and PlasmaDynamics Conference   unpublished
The approximate nonreflecting far-field boundary condition, as proposed by Engquist and Majda, is implemented in the computer code LTRAN2. This code solves the implicit finile-difference representation of the small-disturbance equations for unsteady transonic flows about airfoils. The nonrefiecting boundary condition and the description of the algorithm for implementing these conditions in LTRAN2 are discussed. Various cases are computed and compared with results from the older, more
more » ... l procedures. One concludes that the nonreflecting far-field boundary approximation allows the far-field boundary to be located closer to the airfoil; this permits u decrease in the computer time required to obtain the solution through the use of fewer mesh points. I.
doi:10.2514/6.1980-1393 fatcat:csobl5h5ovbitouxs6n3er4pwu