Construction, application, business development of thesaurus

Yoshihiro KOKUBU
2018 Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi  
構文解析や用語標準化などの自然言語処理を目的とするシソーラスを開発した.このシソ ーラスでは,各用語の持つ関係語の数が膨大なため,観点(ファセット)を導入して分類し, 用語を探しやすくしてある.また,差別語,表記の揺れなども区別している.シソーラスの 使用法,シソーラスを用いたビジネス展開についても述べた. We developed a thesaurus for the purpose of natural language processing such as parsing or the term standardization. Because each entry term has a large number of terms with various semantic relations, we introduce a facet and classify them for finding relative terms easily. Furthermore, we distinguish discriminatory terms, and fluctuating
more » ... anese spellings. Thesaurus usage and business development using a thesaurus were also mentioned. キーワード:シソーラス,観点,用語標準化,ネガポジ
doi:10.2964/jsik_2018_030 fatcat:u22odciwynfxxl4udlnnipeizu