Comparing Yield Performance and Morpho-agronomic Characters of Landraces and Released Varieties of Field Pea (Pisumsativum L.) at Agarfa and Goro Woredas, Bale Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Benti Ofga
2019 International Journal of Genetics and Genomics  
Sixteen Field Pea varieties (8 of them farmers' varieties and 8 of them improved varieties) were tested to compare yield performance and morpho-agronomic characters among the traits on the seed yield. The genotypes were grown in Randomized complete block design at Goro and Agarfa community seed bank in 2017/18. Analysis of variance revealed that there were highly significant differences among the genotypes for most of the traits at individual and across locations. From the combined analysis of
more » ... mbined analysis of variance, significant (p≤0.05) effect due to location, varieties and G×E was observed for most of the traits. The varieties showed wider variability in mean seed yield of 833.33-2083.33 kg ha-1, 1250--3750 kg ha-1 and 833.33 -3750 at Goro, Agarfa and across location, respectively. PCV was higher than the genotypic coefficients of variation (GCV) in most of the traits. The highest phenotypic coefficient variances (PCV) were found for days to flowering (95%), while lowest PCV was recorded for days to maturity (6.6%). The result from combined analysis indicated that high heritability values (>70%) were recorded for characters considered such as days to flower initiation and days to maturity which indicates that these traits are more governed by genetic variance than environmental. Seed yield showed significant (p≤0.01) positive phenotypic correlations with hundred seed weight, above ground biomass, harvest index and plant height at each location. Similarly, significant (p≤0.01) positive and negative phenotypic and genotypic correlations between the yield components were observed at each location. The highest seed yield was recorded in 32038 variety (30.83kunt/hect and the lowest seed yield was recorded in 32039 variety (22.91kunt/hect) from farmers varieties at Agarfa location. In Goro the highest seed yield was recorded in 32039 variety (18.75kunt/hect and the lowest seed yield was recorded in Orome variety (9.38kunt/hect) from farmers varieties. Generally, it has been observed the presence of variability among the genotypes, heritability and relationships in the tested traits of the genotypes studied.
doi:10.11648/j.ijgg.20190703.11 fatcat:bsue6dww2ngk7hcvdmakqcdopq