The career of the transracially adoptive parent; an exploration of identity [thesis]

M. Gillis
O 2001, M. Christine Gillis uisiüons and 7 A c q u i~i î i i et Ni la thèse ni des extraits substantiels de celle-ci ne doivent être imprimds ou autrement reproduits sans son autorisation. c a n a ! ! Abstract This study explores the career of the transracially adoptive parent. It focuses on how the parents make the msition to the identity of transmially adoptive parent and maintain that identity. The parents' experiences are explored in two rounds of interviews approximately one year apart.
more » ... theoretical orientation is syrnbolic interactionist, and the main concepts used to understand and frame the parents' experiences are the car= and the de-identity. As for the methodology, the main data-gathering technique is the semi-stnictured interview. This research reveals that when the participants decided to adopt, they began a process of resocialization whereby they unlearned elements of biological parenthood and learned the aspects of parenthaad associateci with king a transracialîy adoptive parent. Moreover, because there is no cultural script for transracially adoptive parenting, these parents are continuously leaming how to parent k i r children and carve out a niche for their unique Edmily fonn.
doi:10.22215/etd/2001-04779 fatcat:4e2ubogpmnfkdlw6k57zjayjom