Severe tentorial haemorrhage of the term newborn with a favourable outcome--case report

J Termerová, J Janota
2011 Prague Medical Report  
The traumatic intracranial haemorrhage still remains a serious complication of instrumental deliveries with an uncertain prognosis. Regarding tentorial haemorrhage, surprisingly few clinical neurological data are available. Most of the references in literature are older case reports, associated frequently with an unfavourable outcome. We report a newborn after a serious tentorial haemorrhage with an excellent neurodevelopmental outcome. Computed tomography (CT) scan of our patient demonstrated
more » ... tient demonstrated an extensive bilateral tentorial haemorrhage extending to the foramen magnum. The newborn showed a good respiratory effort, but a neurological impairment including anisocoria, apathy, hypotonia, incomplete grasp and Moro reflex. Despite these signs, the development at 9 and 18 months of age was appropriate. The aim of this report is to accentuate that the prognosis of infants with tentorial haemorrhage should be always evaluated carefully with main respect to clinical signs. The outcome of the newborn even after a large tentorial haemorrhage can be surprisingly without a serious neurological deficit. Spontaneous breathing without support, normal blood pressure and absence of seizures are clinical indicators that may be associated with a good outcome despite an extensive tentorial haemorrhage.
pmid:21699764 fatcat:ebqynlkuxjds3fiknkwpwghpiy