Sonochemical Synthesis of the Novel 1d Zig-zag Hg(Ii)-iodo Brigdged Metal-organic Coordination Compounds With Thiosemicarbazide Derivative Ligand [post]

Younes Hanifehpour, Jaber Dadashi, Mohammad Khaleghian, Mahboube Rezaei, Babak Mirtamizdoust, Sang Woo Joo
2021 unpublished
In the present research, a novel mercury (II) metal organic coordination compound, [Hg(Q)I2]n (Q = pyridine-4-carbaldehyde thiosemicarbazide) with nano rods shape was prepared applying an ultrasonic manner. The synthesized compound was determined with infrared spectroscopy (IR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and X-ray diffraction (XRD). In solid state the coordination polymer takes the appearance of a zig-zag 1D polymer. The coordination number of Hg (II) is four by one sulfur atom of
more » ... nic ligand and three iodine atoms which two of iodine atoms are coordinated to other repeating units, and one of iodine is unattached. The zig-zag 1D chains interact with neighboring chains via poor interactions, making a 3D supramolecular metal organic polymer.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:t7o4xwz5mbf3tdnqitllka4k7q