Cultural Transmission Problem with Cultural Globalization Angle in the Expansion of the Second Language- Take International Promotion of Chinese as an Example

Kunhu Wu
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Social Science and Technology Education (ICSSTE 2016)   unpublished
Under the new background of the cultural globalization's development, advocating multicultural coexistence and the fusion development of culture. Language is the carrier of culture, countries disseminate culture through their second language in the process of cultural integration development. However, cultures which are not superior are being misunderstood and lack of culture-confidence by disseminator in the process of transmission .Culture disseminator has international feelings, can
more » ... ly treat cultural differences, enhance self-confidence of their national culture, and so on. They are the way of cultural transmission during second language promotion. Then culture spread can be more rational and interactivity to others, and thus more likely to be accepted by others (including advantage literacy). Finally, we can truly achieve a variety of culture and other cultures eclecticism and complement with each other, innovate culture in the absorption and transformation, in order to adapt to the development of globalization and diversification requirements.
doi:10.2991/icsste-16.2016.65 fatcat:w342akxv6jdttdr63cws4kn2f4