1987 Journal of Crustacean Biology  
A B S T R A C T One new genus and four new species of Mysidacea collected from Californian coastal waters are described. .dmathimvsis rrigibbu. new species. is unique in having three tubercles on the carapace and is further distinguished from other species of the genus by the antennal scale, mandibular palp. fifth male pleopod, and uropod. This is the first record of the genus occumng on the Pacific coast. ~4cunthomysis californicu. new species, is recognized as a new species by the smooth
more » ... by the smooth abdominal somites and the shape and armature of the telson. .-icunthomysis brunneu. new species, is distinguished by the shape of the rostral plate. the slender antennal scale, the slender side lobe of the fourth male pleopod, and the shape and armature of the telson. The new genus Hippucunrhomysis is distinguished from allied genera of the tribe Mysini by having an expanded and knife-shaped first segment of the exopod of the fourth male pleopod.
doi:10.1163/193724087x00153 fatcat:tuxmyz5uqjcw5birifq727bxme