First Genetically Differentiation between Upupa epops major and Upupa epops epops (Family: Upupidae)

Lamiaa Elsayed Mokhtar Deef, Sobhy Elsayed Hassab El-Nabi, Asmaa Ibrahiem Bayomi
2021 Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology  
Hoopoe has been traditionally treated as a single species within the order Coraciiformes. Presently, however, various authors have suggested separating the hoopoe into two or more species and even its order, Bucerotiformes. So, this work aimed to use the RAPD PCR and DNA sequences of the COI gene barcodes to confirm and to assess whether the Egyptian hoopoe is a different species named Upupa epops major from the European hoopoe called Upupa epops epops, and to determine the relationships among
more » ... hem. Five primers were used in this technique. Two hoopoes were taken in this work as studying birds, migratory and resident one. The results showed the highest genetic distance between them using different random primers while genetic identity was in general low, overall primers. DNA fingerprinting detected greater genetic distance between Upupa epops major and Upupa epops epops and low genetic identity, this may indicate that both hoopoes fall into two separate species. Furthermore, using mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) sequences in this study suggests the separation of Upupa epops major into a new species.
doi:10.1590/1678-4324-2021210298 fatcat:gelwtj2lxzeo7f3skh7xqm4fka