Electrodecoration and Characterization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Bioactive Synergistic Nanocopper: Magnetic Hyperthermia-Induced Ionic Release for Anti-Biofilm Action

Verdiana Marchianò, Maria Salvador, Amanda Moyano, Gemma Gutiérrez, María Matos, Susana Yáñez-Vilar, Yolanda Piñeiro, José Rivas, José C. Martínez-García, Davide Peddis, Maria C. Blanco-López, Montserrat Rivas (+2 others)
2021 Antibiotics  
The urgency for the availability of new antibacterial/disinfectant agents has become a worldwide priority. At the same time, along with the extensive use of other metal nanoparticles (NPs), the investigation of magnetic NPs (MNPs) in antibacterial studies has turned out to be an increasingly attractive research field. In this context, we present the preparation and characterization of superparamagnetic iron oxide NPs, electrodecorated with antimicrobial copper NPs, able to modulate the release
more » ... f bioactive species not only by the NP's stabilizer, but also through the application of a suitable magnetic field. Antimicrobial synergistic CuNPs stabilized by benzalkonium chloride have been used in the current study. We demonstrate the successful preparation of Cu@Fe3O4 MNPs composites through morphological and spectroscopic results. Additionally, an extensive magnetic characterization is reported, along with hyperthermia-induced copper ionic release. On the basis of our results, we propose a new generation of antimicrobial magnetic nanomaterials, whose bioactivity can be also tuned by the application of a magnetic field.
doi:10.3390/antibiotics10020119 pmid:33513680 fatcat:6ceurfhtsvbgzjvxqhwezmqcai